Entrepreneur Mind

Entrepreneurs Mind

An entrepreneur is someone who has no fear of the failures, but accepts them to learn lessons from them.
When you are going to set yourself in shoes of an entrepreneur then you have to scarify some of your normal life routine:
You Have To Trade Your Time
A normal guy who lives on salary basis is just putting him/her self to a tringle (home, job & family) of day which starts from home and ends the same, but an entrepreneur is not as restful as him he is moving toward his goals like a soldier in the land full of mines, if he moves he survive and if he stops the enemies will spare his body to parts and feed him to their dogs.
So the time of normal job holder works 9-5 and an entrepreneur is working 5-9.

Cutting Off
To be an entrepreneur you should cut negative people from your life the company you keep should be positive people only and you should scarify your friends and family, if they stays at your site you will be unable to proceed and achieve your goals, it’s highly important to an entrepreneur to be focused.

Forget About Enjoyments
To find your real place in your sky and to shine your star you have to hide yourself to get more shine and glow, for this you have to work hard and get a side stop going to parties, stop attending parties, stop going to vacations just sit down and work to build something successful it takes sacrifices.
Note: all above tips are only for a short time until you get your ride running and your place found and the most impotent to get yourself a good business.

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    An entrepreneur is someone who has no fe.

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